BusyFlag is a web application to let your team-mates know when you're busy, and when you're available. With BusyFlag you can be more productive, less stressed and enjoy a more harmonious workplace.

Reduce Stress

We know how annoying interruptions can be. Avoid the stress and frustration of being interrupted by your colleagues when you really need to focus and get things done.

Enjoy Your Work

When you work without distractions, you can experience a wonderful state of focus and flow. Get more done, improve the quality of your work and enjoy greater job satisfaction.

Be a Team Player

Improve team productivity by respecting your colleagues' need to focus on their work. When every member of the team can concentrate without unnecessary interruptions, the whole team's productivity improves.

Protect Your Time and Get Stuff Done

Set your status to let everyone know it's time to focus. Add a message to tell people exactly what you're working on. When you're available to help out your team mates, or if you're away, you can let your team know that too.

BusyFlag public status page

Teams That Work Together

See the status of all your team-mates at a glance, so you can respect their right to concentrate too. Wait until your colleagues are available before asking them a question. You'll get a better response and have happier team-mates. Happy teams are productive teams.

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Shout About It and Enjoy the Silence

Share your public status page with your team (and the world) by email and social media. The more people you tell, the fewer interruptions you'll have.

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